By Martin Dwyer, M.S., CFT Practical applications of periodization in training. In many parts of North America, Memorial Day Weekend is the time public pools, water parks and beaches open for the summer.  Those are the days when the affects of Fall, Winter, and Spring will be brought to bear in the light of the sun. For many of us, it is the first week of March that we get serious about hitting beach season in form, checking the scales more closely, and properly aligning our diet and exercise to remove excess fat and inches. Coming to this seasonal training… read more

Five Step Deadlift

The dead lift has been considered for decades the grandfather of all weightlifting. It works nearly every muscle in the body from shoulders to toes. Frederic Delavier, in his class exercise handbook Strength Training Anatomy, put it this way: “[The dead lift] works nearly every muscle in the body and is effective for developing the lumbosacral and trapezius muscles. It also works the gluteal muscles and quadriceps intensely.” While it is a terrific overall exercise, it is one that requires good form. I have searched over and over for articles on good form, which are hard to find for many… read more