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Living strong. Staying positive.

Martin Dwyer


Living strong and staying positive with strength training, nutrition and exercise.

Our Approach

The philosophy of fitness and training you will find on this website is simple. Each person is uniquely, and wonderfully, made. But we are gloriously different. Some are genetically gifted and excel at physical tasks easily while some are facing physical challenges of one kind or another. Maybe you've been told you are 'too short' or 'too tall' or too much this or that.

While you will find information and guidance here for top athletic performance, the vast majority of what you will find here is guidance on what you need to keep setting the right fitness goals, making the right training plans and literally keep moving toward a new, more strong and positive direction.

But the best of plans need to be set aside when real life gets in the way. Life is messy and can be very hard physically and emotionally. Ups and downs, starts and stops, will occur due to illness, job pressures, family problems and more. We want to embrace others in their trials, having them join us in two simple goals; living strong and staying positive.

Training our body and mind is not about forgetting the struggles of life, or about reaching a permanent state of perfection. Rather, its about establishing a good foundation that will draw us back over and over through life.

The destination may seem far away, but we support one another on the journey. Let's live strong and stay positive together.

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Martin's Journey

At 60 years old, Martin considers himself an over comer with many victories in life over cancer, lung disease and type 2 diabetes. Staying strong and positive over 60 years can be a struggle with ups and downs. Be it illness, injuries, family or professional priorities, we all face periods of time where are training may have to be delayed.

Martin has found constant refuge and joy in lifting weights, light cardio, sharing his journey and coaching others online. Martin's professional certifications from International Sports Sciences Association include:

  • Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT)
  • Strength and Conditional Coach Certification (SSC)
  • Online Coaching Certification (OCC)

Today, Martin uses this site, along with his professional education and certifications, as a way to encouraging and guiding others in their wellness journeys. For more information, you can send a note to Martin at our contact page .

martin transformation photo