It Takes a Decision

I woke up one day, realizing that my life had gotten out of control.  I was nearly 100 pounds overweight, troubles with my lungs and high blood pressure, facing a growing concern of Type 2 diabetes on the near horizon. Here's a picture from those days: As long as it seems to make this all happen, it all really happened in a day.  The day I made a decision that I had not lived up to my potential.  The day I made a decision I would be more, be healthier, be stronger, be more positive, more content, more joyful. read more

Keeping It Simple

I lifted my first weights over 40 years ago.  Over that time, the magazines and books I've read on the subject of bodybuilding and strength training would fill a formidable library.  I've learned a lot of lessons.  The most powerful training principle I've embraced through it all - simplicity. Keeping it Simple Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) is a design strategy found today in engineering, software design, military strategy, and many other ways. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, a Dutch systems scientist, programmer, software engineer,  and science essayist, summarized both the value of simplicity and the challenge of implementing it: "Simplicity is a… read more

Emotional Well Being

What makes a person want to train, lift weights, do cardio, year after year? Many factors have played a role in my desire and ability to continue a regimen of exercise year after year. Put simply, it feels good to exercise. [...] read more