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Counting Calories


Posted June 5, 2018

Categories: Low Carb, Nutrition Strategy
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In my journey through losing almost 100 pounds of body weight, I've learned some painful lessons.  Perhaps the biggest lesson learned was about calories, and the deceptions so commonly spread about them online.  Here is an example of the typical article you can find about low carb, or keto, diet plans on the internet today: "How to Stop Counting Calories and Lose Weight with Ketosis"  .... Read More

Categories: Atkins, Ketogenic, Low Carb, Weight Loss
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I was a skinny kid and pretty much what they call a hardgainer.  It took me years to gain strength.   For most of my training years, I took the 'skinny' me for granted and focused on building strength and size.  I had a powerful lesson that I would learn: "What you take for granted, you lose."   .... Read More

Introducing ketogenic nutrition


Posted April 16, 2018

Categories: Low Carb, Nutrition Strategy
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Burning fat is the ever-present goal on the American fitness scene.  This article introduces a proven approach to turning your body into a fat burning machine, ketogenic nutrition, with resources and next steps. What is ketogenic? Ketogenic refers to the metabolic state of body known as ketosis, a normal process which occurs when your body does not h  .... Read More

Knowing Your Body Type


Posted March 19, 2018

Categories: Assessment, Exercise Plans, Exercise Science, Front Page Story, Nutrition Strategy
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Ever hear what sounded like really good training advice, only to find it ineffective when you put it to use?  Success is fun, but failure is a tough pill to swallow, especially when the same advice method worked for others. Listening to a world class b  .... Read More

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Our very existence depends on food. But food has taken a role larger than survival in most of the modern world.  We live in a world saturated with junk food and adult obesity rates rising in excess of 35%.  My research and personal experience has caused me to advocate a carb-controlled nutrition plan in all trainees. This is not to say that every trainee needs to be on a ketogenic diet, the most rigid form of carb control.  It is to say  .... Read More