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Our very existence depends on food. But food has taken a role larger than survival in most of the modern world.  We live in a world saturated with junk food and adult obesity rates rising in excess of 35%.  My research and personal experience has caused me to advocate a carb-controlled nutrition plan in all trainees. This is not to say that every trainee needs to be on a ketogenic diet, the most rigid form of carb control.  It is to say  .... Read More

Emotional Well Being: Endorphins


Posted February 26, 2018

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By Martin Dwyer, M.S., C.F.T. What makes a person want to train, lift weights, do cardio, year after year?  Many factors have played a role in my desire and ability to continue a regimen of exercise year after year. Put simply, it feels good to exercise.  .... Read More