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The deadlift continues to be one of the best exercises for strength and conditioning because; (a) the deadlift allows you to lift heavier weights than any other exercise, (b) it is an effective tool for improving explosive strength performance, and (c) is one of the few exercises shown to have beneficial impacts to both testosterone and growth hormone. If you haven't been coached on how to perform the deadlift, it's highly likely you're making a mistake or two because proper form requires a dis  .... Read More

Weight training as we age…


Posted June 7, 2018

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The fastest growing population group in the United States includes those people between age 65 and 70, with over 12 million people.  With the aging baby boomers, the population age 65 and higher is expected to continue growing rapidly. However, growth in the aged population has little to do with improved health habits.  The Center for Disease Control reports that more than one-third of older adults aged 65 and over were obese in 2007–2010 with obesity prevalence was higher among those age  .... Read More

Knowing Your Body Type


Posted March 19, 2018

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Ever hear what sounded like really good training advice, only to find it ineffective when you put it to use?  Success is fun, but failure is a tough pill to swallow, especially when the same advice method worked for others. Listening to a world class b  .... Read More

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By Martin Dwyer, M.S., CFT Practical applications of periodization in training. In many parts of North America, Memorial Day Weekend is the time public pools, water parks and beaches open for the summer.  Those are the days when the affects of Fall, Winter, and Spring will be brought to bear in the light of the sun. For many of us, it is the first week of March that we get serious about hitting beach season in form, checking the scales more closely, and properly aligning our d  .... Read More

Emotional Well Being: Endorphins


Posted February 26, 2018

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By Martin Dwyer, M.S., C.F.T. What makes a person want to train, lift weights, do cardio, year after year?  Many factors have played a role in my desire and ability to continue a regimen of exercise year after year. Put simply, it feels good to exercise.  .... Read More

Body Mass Index (BMI)


Posted February 12, 2018

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This post is the first in a series intended to build an online fitness toolbox.  While it is expected that these tools will be helpful to fitness trainers, they are also accompanied by explanations and instructions for their use.  In our first edition we offer a description and tool for calculating Body Mass Index.   The body mass index (BMI) is a value derived from the mass (  .... Read More

Energy Pathways and Training


Posted July 18, 2017

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In a recent certification exam, when asked to explain the three energy, two exercises that utilize each pathway, and specific advice related to energy for marathon training, I gave the following response.  It is shared here as a resource to be put to use for others.  Should questions arise as you review the information, please contact me. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) provides the foundation for energy used in muscle contraction (Hatfield,   .... Read More